Artistic research fellow - Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) at Østfold University College


About the position

Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) at Østfold University College in Fredrikstad offers a research and study environment in the expanded fields of acting, performance and scenography. Students inquire into the intersections of art and society with internationally practicing guest artists and faculty. Values informing the education rely on listening, collaboration, staying with failure, re-imagining material relations, excavation and play.

Østfold University College is together with other universities and university colleges affiliated with the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, PKU, and NTA is now seeking a well-qualified candidate for the programme. The fellowship position is related to the field of scenography. The fellow’s artistic research project and its development during the fellowship period is at the core of the program. The goal is to develop artistic competence at a high international level. Within the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, the fellowship period is stipulated to three years, and completion of the programme confers associate professor competence.

For the time being, Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College, employs three research fellows enrolled in the programme.

We are inviting artists to apply for a research fellowship with a focus on roots in indigenous knowledge systems, who have developed artistic practices across or inside political and cultural borders (or in Diaspora). Indigenous knowledge systems can be interpreted in a broad geographical and cultural context and it is up to the applicant to position their work accordingly. This generally refers to culturally specific artistic perspectives which deal with displacement and strategies of fragmentation and recovery, developing parallel to, in resistance of and in some cases, existing prior to dominant cosmologies or structures. We are looking for a research fellow whose artistic practice includes anti-colonial perspectives, where contested ethics is at stake in the research. Applicants might, for example, bring interest in both archival and emerging practices and materials into dialogue, across contested borders, through fields such as performance, scenography, composition, choreography or theatre. The fellowship is rooted in artistic research where developing new artistic works/practices/methods are in focus. NTA is committed to fostering a research environment for practicing artists coming from a range of backgrounds, including applicants without prior links to established institutions, academies or networks.

Qualification requirements

Applicant must have a relevant Master degree or documented artistic practice at that level within/between the fields performance, theatre, choreography, scenography, etc.

About Research fellowship

The fixed term of appointment is three years without any compulsory duties.

Admission to a doctoral degree programme is a condition for appointment as a research fellow. The final plan for research training shall be approved and regulated by contract at the latest three months after the appointment is taken up.

We offer

PhD Candidates (code 1017) are remunerated with a gross annual salary of minimum NOK 449 400. Depending on qualifications and academic background the salary can range between NOK 449 400 – 505 800. In addition to taxes, a further 2% is deducted for the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

Submitting an application

Please submit your application electronically via our recruitment system All attached documentation must be in a Scandinavian language or in English. We want your application to be written i English.

The application and the project description will be assessed by experts at Norwegian Theatre Academy. The University College’s hiring committee approves the recommendation from Norwegian Theatre Academy.

See also Forskrift om ansettelsesvilkår for postdoktor, stipendiater

Requirements for applications are described in the Guidelines for the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme that are available here:
Please note that applications that are incomplete will not be considered.

A complete application must be uploaded in JobbNorge and consist of:

  • attachment 1 – Application attachment. Application form can be downloaded from:
  • attachment 2 – Documentation of the education and the qualifications that are required for a position as a research fellow and admission to the programme, see qualifications requirements
  • attachment 3 – Extensive/ detailed CV
  • attachment 4 – Documentation of artistic practice. Up to 10 works. All documentation has to be submitted digitally. Documentation of artistic works can also be in the form of hyperlinks to a webpage. An overview/list of URLs then serves as the attachment.

Contact persons

Artistic Director, Performance and Acting, Professor Karmenlara Ely
Phone: +47 40552318

Administrative leader Anne Berit Løland
Phone: +47 992 32 849

Other information

Østfold University College practices an inclusive working life and conforms to the government’s inclusion efforts. This means that we welcome qualified applicants with disabilities, different national or ethnic backgrounds, and candidates who, for various reasons, are unable to document an unbroken professional career.

We practice open government in the state. If you require any confidential processing of your application, please note that information about you may still be disclosed. You will then be notified of this, cf. §25 of the Freedom of Information Act

If you state that you have disabilities, an immigrant background or gaps in your CV, your information may be used for statistical purposes.

Deadline: 16th August 2020
Employer: Østfold University College
Municipality: Fredrikstad
Scope: Fulltime
Duration: Fixed Term
Place of service: Fredrikstad

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